Top 2 Trending Technologies in 2020

Rouse yourself for the storm of data you are about to witness in the coming years. As you know, the beginning of this new decade hasn’t been pleasant for any country. The pandemic did affect the whole economy, taking down the GDP of many nations. However, the period of lockdown brought changes to the current structure of life on the planet. Several obvious transitions have taken place in the past months, and they are all expected to direct the world towards prosperity. Technologies never required human contact or office spaces to develop.

The skillset of people in those confined rooms alone has the potential to propel the planet to a whole new phase of advancements. Since everything around us is constantly updating, we need to keep up with this rapid pace to understand the language we need to be programmed to. More funds are being invested in researching the various fields of technology, tweaking the current niches to improve the overall function. Let us look at some of the top trending technologies in 2020.

1.      Artificial Intelligence

This is the technology with the potential to remold the world into a highly advanced state. Artificial Intelligence is used to equip computer systems with decision-making abilities. Human intelligence is mimicked with this technology as the computers try to perform complex tasks through simple digital transmissions. The machines with AI can handle everything from medical diagnosis to pattern and speech recognition and weather forecast.

It remains on top as the most trending technology in this new decade. Applications like Uber, Netflix, and Siri are using AI to improve the interface. More than 70 million jobs are expected to be created by AI automation in the next ten years. But it could also wipe out more than 23 million jobs, causing some distress. However, people will surely educate themselves to be more suitable for upcoming jobs. Learning AI will help you bag jobs as a data analyst, data scientist, machine learning engineer, computer vision engineer, and business intelligence developer.


2.      Data Science

Understanding the complicated concepts and data is the aim of data science technology. Since thousands of companies across the globe are producing a huge amount of data, you need a system that learns to decrypt the entire plan, making it easier for all the nodes to pass information. However, none of this should be used for illicit purposes. Corporates and various other industries could make use of it in handling their financial figures, business data, customer profile information, server data, and sales data.

 Data Science

The growth of a company and the efficiency of a team can be assessed from all these details. A thorough understanding of mathematics and statistics is required to get a job related to Data Science. Opportunities are bound to increase in this field, with the most trending career roles being data engineer, data scientist, data architect, business analyst, and data analyst.

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